Why your team’s wellbeing should be at the heart of your office design

The office can be a physically demanding and exhausting place, and it’s important to ensure your team’s wellbeing is a large priority when designing your office fit out. If it’s not, it can often lead to your team feeling restless, grouchy and generally de-motivated. Keep everyone happy with a few key fit out tips:

Keep it calm

Every person wants a calm environment to be able to concentrate and work to their full ability. So why deprive them of being able to reach their complete potential? Allowing natural light to stem through the windows can boost morale, and encourage your team to feel motivated while they’re at work, leading to more focus and concentration. Use colours that are neutral and aren’t too bright or distracting, to avoid exhausting your team with a busy surrounding while they might already have  work piling up. However, it’s also important to not make everything too dull –  cool colours (especially greens and blues) can be used as colour accents when creating a relaxing environment.

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Noise absorbing

Noise is one of the biggest distractions you can have in an office, which can even lead to your team feeling stressed or out of focus. When designing your office, use noise absorbing materials such as aesthetically pleasing plant walls in an attempt to minimise the amount of noise echoed. If your space allows, consider creating private rooms or sections of the office that serve the purpose of communal chats, meetings or phone calls.

Work smarter

Keeping your employees active through the day is important for them to remain focused. Refrain from creating an office that is solely dependent on desks, and rely more on teamwork and getting up off their feet – stand-up desks can definitely help. If possible, consider open-spaced places for your workers to communicate and collaborate. This can lead to a better working environment as people are able to work together as a team, hopefully leading to better results.  

Rejuvenate space

It is important to ensure your employees have access to water and food. Provide a tidy kitchen for everyone to use and even consider providing some basics to share around. Ensure your kitchen has enough space to fit your team, allowing them to use clean cups and plates as often as they need. Offer a relaxed and well-lit place for your team to sit and eat, so they’re able to take breaks from work during the day. A space filled with a few couches and warm colours away from the rest of the office can allow your workers to eliminate any stress that may be building up.

By ensuring your workers are at the heart of your office fit out, you’re likely to increase the possibility of better results in your office. When designing your office fit out, placing importance on their well being will be appreciated and earn you a greater return on your team’s productivity. Why wouldn’t you want to give your employees the best?