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Moving or refurbishing your premise can be very disruptive for your business. To make matters worse, most people who are responsible for this challenging task are often inexperienced and aren’t across all the speed bumps. That’s why we’ve put together some guidelines and benchmarks to help you plan for it. Our Guides are updated each year to provide you with industry cost benchmarks, ‘rules of thumb’ and checklists to assist with your long-term planning. So if you’re out and about looking at space right now, the best way to get planning and cost advice is to have one of our consultants carry out tenancy assessments with you.

Office and Clinic Space

Are you struggling to give your leasing agent or your own management a brief on what you need in a new or refurbished space? These forms are designed to help you ‘nut out’ your requirements in each area of your space. Give yourself greater understanding of your needs, allowing you to confidently assess your options and evaluate compromises that may be required, when considering prospective tenancies.

Office and Clinic Move Planner

These handy checklists cover all the essentials required to plan your move or refurbishment. These forms can also help you coordinate the management of each aspect of your move, ensuring that your team and your business are up and running again quickly.

Space Planning Grid

If you already have an idea of how you want to use your new or existing space, these scaled grids will make it easier for you to sketch your plans. Simply scan and email them to us and we can meet to discuss your ideas, explore options and develop costings. Our experienced Interior Design Team are happy to draw up your ideas, or they can develop the whole plan for you.

Employee Feedback

Moving premises can be disruptive to employees for many reasons. A change in location and convenience can often cause employees to assess how the move affects them personally and even push them to reassess their future with your business. Recently, one of our clients had a 30% employee attrition rate after their office move, largely due to travel and parking issues. This form can help you learn more about employee issues well in advance of the office move, as well as encouraging your staff to contribute positively to the process. Please note, this form is designed for Brisbane and South-East QLD.

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