Easy mistakes to make when it comes to your medical fitout

Your medical fit out will do wonders for your business and patient needs, but often it can be easy to make mistakes. Never fear! There are easy ways to avoid them and always remember you have your medical fit out specialist to fall back on.

Here are 5 easy mistakes to make (and avoid!) during your medical fit out:

Lay out a clear plan

It seems easy enough, surely. Having a plan before you start organising your floor plan or furniture needs is crucial. Think about the space you need, your potential growth, the budget you have in mind and how long you’re expecting the fit out to take. Forgetting to focus on these questions is a common mistake when your mind is filled with other things – and unfortunately, forgetting a step like this can lead to confusion, and even more work and costs. And who wants that? After all, “if you don’t plan, you’re planning to fail”.

Don’t have an unrealistic time frame

Don’t push yourself for more in less. Take your time, and get the job done properly. It may sound easy enough, but don’t set yourself 24 or 48 hours for at least a week’s worth of work. Rushing leads to mistakes. And by all means, do not take shortcuts.

At this stage, it’s important to consult a fit out specialist to understand realistic time frames for the vision you have in mind. You’ll also have to give your staff and patients notice on how long you could potentially be closed for (if closure is required for your fit out).

Understand the costs

It is important to understand your budget before even beginning. It’s likely that you may spend more than your budget quota if you aren’t aware of how much things cost, or forget to consider the commonly overlooked aspects of a fit out, like technology requirements or accessibility amenities. You should also share your budget with all parties involved to make sure you’re all on the same page.

Think about the long term complexity of the space

Many people don’t think about the future, but it’s very important to. Your long-term goals and planned achievements will help frame your fit out and prioritise your needs. Ensure your floor plan is large enough to accommodate for the planned growth in patients you’re expecting. Will you need to grow your space? Think about your reception areas and whether there’s enough room to provide a comfortable working environment for your team.

Make the waiting rooms comfortable for your patients

Nobody wants to sit in a cramped waiting room while they’re sick. Your patients should be your number one priority and you want a good atmosphere for them. Treat them to comfortable seating, good lighting and possibly entertainment facilities for them to enjoy while they’re waiting. Also, don’t forget to use your waiting room to promote your business, what you stand for and what differences you want to see. Make it beneficial for both you and your patients – a space that is inspiring and functional for your medical fit-out needs.

Avoid these simple medical fit out mistakes by planning ahead and thinking about your budget before taking on the smaller details. Chatting to a fit out specialist will help frame your goals so your business gets the fit out it deserves!