How to create a timeless interior for your office space

There are some things laying around your house that are timeless – from that leather jacket hanging up in your wardrobe, to the rug that has been handed down to your family through generations. None of it seems to go out of date.

Have you ever flicked through a magazine or interior design book and found something from a different era, and even though it was probably decades old, you’ve desperately wanted it? It’s time to start thinking “timeless” when it comes to your office fit out.

Smart, clean, and aesthetically pleasing.

Making your office interior look timeless, yet still function effectively is very important. It’ll help avoid refurbishing every few years just to keep up with the latest trends and save on extra costs and most importantly, time! 

Start by creating an open design. This way, your office won’t look squashed, compacted or boxed off. Open plan offices are clean, smart, aesthetically appealing, and optimal for your teamwork and collaboration. Even if your office can’t commit to a traditional open plan office, a fitout specialist will help you find new perspective on your design plans.

Use simple …

Sticking to simple and neutral surroundings is important. It’s hard to appeal to everyone’s tastes, so keeping your design minimal will allow you to change it with decor pieces and furnishings every few seasons. Your choice in furniture will hugely impact the look and feel of your office – stick to neutral pieces (and maybe avoid any statement ones) to make sure they age well with your space.

Your colour palette choice will also completely change the feel of your space. A stylish yet simple colour for your office will ensure it will never go out of date. Chatting with a fitout specialist will help you pick the perfect shade for the type of vibe you’re aiming for in your office. Shades of white and grey are timeless colours and they will also provide a blank canvas to work on. You will get the opportunity to style your office with other colours and objects to spice it up.

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Think about the flooring

Thinking about your flooring is important. You want a stylish, yet comfortable experience for everyone. Floorboards are easy to clean, very practical and are also appealing to the eye. If you choose to carpet your area, make it a base colour that’s not too patterned and extreme and avoid light colours in high traffic areas. You don’t want to have to rip your carpet up a few years down the track because it has aged poorly.

Remember, a fitout is a great way to build a canvas or a base to your office style and feel. Work with your fitout specialist to create a space that you’ll love for years!