Easy ways to really utilise your existing office space

Do you feel confident in the use of your current office space? You might be surprised to find out that 25% of space in most offices is unused! To really get the most out of your office (especially if you’re playing with a smaller floor plan than you’d prefer), chat to an office fitout specialist to discover all the ways you’re under-utilising your existing space.

Here are some tips to get your started on getting the most out of your office space:

Take it to the window

A cramped space is one of the major killers of workplace productivity. Avoid uncomfortable situations like employees running over into their neighbour’s desk by stretching your desks out to the width of the room where the windows start. This is especially relevant if you have an open plan office – the room will feel wider and you’ll instantly have more walkways.

Measure it up

Before buying any new furniture for your space, measure the area and make sure you’re not exceeding the measurements. This will be most relevant for communal areas, like tables in the kitchen and larger desks for meeting rooms. Extend this point if you’re in the early stages of your office fitout and plan your interior with a fitout specialist to really get the most out of your space.

Inspired by others

Starting from scratch is always hard but editing an existing canvas can sometimes be harder! Take inspiration from offices you and your team love and approach your space holistically. This means you’ll always have a guide or a clear north star to help when you’re making design decisions. Take a read of our picks of some of the coolest offices in 2017 for some inspiration.

Tracking your time

When planning an office fitout or a smaller renovation, consider how you’re going to keep the business running normally. Depending on your requirements, it’s possible to keep teams or areas in your office undisturbed during the fitout. Working with a fitout specialist allows the different contractors you’ll need to be easily scheduled for the same time period, including weekends, if that’s more convenient for your business.

No matter how small

Don’t be mistaken and think a fitout specialist will only help with a full office renovation and fitout – they’re available to help with tweaks to certain areas in your office, including furniture changes, lighting installations or bringing a communal space to life. Their consultation will help keep your budget in check and align your immediate goals to the long vision of your office space.

Whether you’re moving into a new space or revamping your existing one, making these changes will help utilise the office you have and bring some extra life to your business and your employees!