Three important things to consider when choosing a Brisbane office fitout specialist

Executing an office fitout is the easiest way to make a positive impression on your employees and clients. It demonstrates your investment and care for your business and gives your team the clearest message of showing you value their day-to-day experience in the office. Creating a good work environment impacts an individual’s mood and capability, and their desire to reach optimal productivity levels, without stress or burning out.

As a leader or stakeholder, it’s important to choose a Brisbane office fitout who you can trust with your needs and budget. Working with a team who understands your vision, no matter how big or small, ensures you’ll create a space that resonates with your business and employees.

Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing your Brisbane office fitout specialist:

Minimal disturbance

If you have plans to redesign your current office space, it’s definitely advisable to enlist the services of experts. Doing this allows you to carry on with your day-to-day business activities without the burden of having to manage all the bits and pieces for your office redesign. However, make sure you discuss how your project will be managed with your office fitout specialist. Will they manage all sub-contractors and any potential interferences along the way? Will you have a main contact you’re able to contact? Always choose a company with a track record for acute project management.

Show your cards

Bring together your organisation’s priorities for the new space to set the project budget. It’s critical to set a budget before commencing any action, but it’s more important to involve a fitout specialist who’ll be able to provide direction on your need versus costs.

Compare quotes and chat with your fitout specialist to get a rough idea of the cost of your plans. A good fitout specialist will be able to provide you with a solid estimate of your project feasibility and preliminary costings. At cost or obligation, you should be able to talk to them about what’s a non-negotiable and what could potentially be excluded if budget doesn’t allow.  

A look into the past

Chat with your potential fitout specialist about the work they’ve done in the past and the contractors they’ve completed projects with. It’s always a good idea to see who they choose to hire so your budget is going to the right place. A good way of determining their quality? Take a look at their case studies, customer testimonials and a portfolio of their previous work. See if they’ve worked with a similar company in the past and ask about the work they’ve done for them.  

Find a Brisbane fitout specialist with an excellent track record and create a space your clients and employees will love.