Save on your office fitout budget

Finalising your office fitout budget is a critical part of your planning stage and without an agreed one, progress can often take a standstill. Regardless of your budget and office size, knowing where to save on costs will help confirm your final budget with management and avoid any confusion down the track!

Here are five important cost cuts you may be able to save on:

Finding necessity in changing address

It’s important to ask yourself early in your planning stages whether moving to a new office is actually needed. Will your team be scaling or growing in the near future? If it’s unlikely, you can always make plans to refurbish your existing office with a new layout, floors, lighting, furniture, carpets or improved air conditioning while you are still based there. By making this decision you’ll be able to dedicate the funds you would have used for the move or a makegood towards transforming your existing space.

We’ve prepared a Space Assessment Form which will help you evaluate your space, click here to download it.

Consider an open plan space

Whether you decide to move or not, opting for an open-plan office will help reduce costs associated with floating walls or partitions. Open-plan spaces are also great for collaborative spaces and promote a flat structure in your company.

Double check the fine print

Negotiating your office lease agreement is a commonly overlooked step that can cause serious

barriers down the track. Often your project’s progress, time estimates and costs can be impacted by misunderstandings that can occur with the fine print in the agreement with your landlord.

Even though these documents can be lengthy and wordy, it’s important to check out the following examples to make sure they align with your exact needs:

  • Permitted hours for fitouts or constructions
  • Use of lifts for materials and furniture
  • Noise restrictions
  • Available dock and delivery areas
  • Requirement for a makegood

Centralising your designer, builder and fitout specialist in one company is the easiest way to avoid any overlapping costs and save your time by streamlining processes. You’ll also have the opportunity to confirm your overall budget up front without any hidden surprises!

A fitout budget is often the first thing most worry about – but, with the right knowledge and support, your office fitout budget will be the last thing on your mind. Working with a fitout specialist to agree on a budget based on your needs is the best way to maximise your savings and create a productive and innovative space for your company.