End of Trip Facilities Design

End of trip facilities can provide an incentive for an environmentally-friendly and healthier workplace and a way for employees to turn up to the office refreshed and ready to tackle their day.

Your end of trip facilities design should:
• Use the space available in an intelligent way
• Facilitate all needs upon arrival, including showers, bathrooms, make-up mirrors, storage and bike racks at a minimum
• Feel like a welcoming and relaxing space for commuters to get ready for their day
• Adhere to all compliance requirements including accessibility, number of bathrooms required etc.

The Benefits to your company

Creating an end of trip facilities fitout that achieves these goals can be a benefit to offer current and future employees. An EOTF fitout also encourages more environmentally-friendly methods of transportation to work as well as healthier living for your employees. For instance with an EOTF they could easily take a yoga class before work or go for a quick run during lunch.

Making these options accessible can keep your staff feeling energised, healthy and valued.

Ticking the boxes is just the beginning

Yes, you can have a space that meets the basic requirements, but what puts an Urban Group project above the rest is the level of design detail we go to. We make sure the space is used perfectly, if there is something extra we can do to create an added benefit we’ll suggest it and we always put our best design foot forward for a fitout that’s inviting as well as functional.