Our guide to large fitouts (1000m2 or more)

Do you have a large space spanning over 1000 square metres? Or maybe even over 2500 metres? It can be daunting knowing where to start on large projects which is why we’ve put this short guide together so you know what to expect during your larger fitout project.

The Process

For large fitouts, the process is still much the same as a smaller fitout. You’ll work with the same dedicated Urban Group team and the general process will be followed:

You will:

  • Provide our project managers and designers with a list of requirements and brief
  • Provide our interior design team a wish list (if you have one)
  • Go through the steps to approve pricing and official sign-off on the build
  • Set a start date with our team

How long does a large fitout take?

Of course, there are many things that can affect the duration of a project but as a general guide, larger projects usually take:

  • 4-5 weeks for documentation and design approval
  • 12-15 weeks building on-site

How much does a large commercial fitout cost?

The answer to this depends a lot on the space, the requirements and your needs. While we can’t provide a cost guide without this information, we can let you know working with one provider who does both design and construction will help you get a much more accurate picture of the overall cost as you are working with one entity for all project aspects. Using a design-build provider like us eliminates project management headaches and provides every team member with a clear construction plan. We can also design costs in and out of the project to suit your needs. 

Considerations for commercial fitouts

Although the process doesn’t change with size, there are still some unique considerations for larger fitouts that our team solves behind the scenes.

Sound management

A bigger space usually means more bodies and more noise which could potentially disrupt your employees if it’s not properly prepared for. Floorplans over 1000m2 will usually have sections for different types of work, or flexible spaces that can either be closed or opened with partitions to reduce echo while still enabling full use of the floorspace when necessary.

The noise of a big team can also be reduced with the right furnishing and wall-coverings. Not only do our interior designers consider filling the space appropriately but they also consider how to reduce noise in large spaces with carpet, wall panels, ceiling coverings, soft furnishings and fabrics. These seemingly small considerations can help keep your team focussed and productive.


Keeping everything to scale

A large floorplan means more room to fill and you don’t want your new space to look too sparse. Our interior designers know how to effectively use the space available in your floorplan to position desks and other furniture in a way that looks balanced and ‘just right’.

Keeping everything in scale also involves making sure the space looks ‘filled’ and welcoming. You can do this in larger spaces by creating statement areas which utilise colour and furnishings in a way that feels layered. This will help your fitout feel comfortable and lived-in but not cluttered.


Creating a natural floorplan flow

If you have a large fitout you likely have a long list of rooms you need to include — from private offices to open plan sections, breakout rooms, board rooms and more. You will want all of these rooms placed in a way that feels natural when someone walks through your office, especially if your business is client-facing and you have a reception area that flows into an office space.

Our large commercial fitout projects

Take a look at our fitout projects spanning over 1000m2 to get an idea of what you can include in your large commercial fit out.

99 Melbourne Street — 1000m2

This project involved a strip out, make good and full turnkey fitout.

View full project


National Wheel & Tyres – 1350m2

This was a full turnkey fitout for a national company with a large team and large space.

View full project

If you’re looking for a fitout company who has experience with large fitouts, including those for national businesses and designing for bigger multi-purpose teams we would be happy to help. Please contact us here.