Balancing an open yet quiet office fitout

Modern office fitouts have shifted from staff being hidden away in private offices and cubicles, to open plan layouts. This contemporary environment increases impromptu interactions, increases collaboration and improves employee relationships and team culture. Not to mention it also lessens the financial burden of construction during the design fit out process.

However employees still require quiet office areas that minimise noise, distraction and disruption. This can be hard to come by in contemporary design fit outs.

Add walls using furniture

Furniture pieces like the Australian made wing lounge are ideal in balancing an open plan, inviting layout with quiet zones.

The high back and sides ensure privacy for solo work without distraction or meetings.

This particular piece works well acoustically to ensure private conversations can be had without noise distraction to others.

It can also be upholstered in any fabric, ensuring the look and feel blends into the office fitout appropriately.

Define quiet zones in your office fitout

It’s therefore paramount that any office fitout incorporates quiet areas that mimic an office space, without the need for four walls. This can be achieved through designated quiet zones within an office layout.

By incorporating small lounge areas by corners or walls, businesses can mimic a traditional private office without compromising on the open plan design. In fact, by using couches over seats & tables, these zones are more comfortable than your traditional office.

Set a team standard

Other teams set standards for quiet time through:

  • Designated time blocked off in the calendar
  • ‘Do not disturb’ mode on chat platforms
  • Through the use of headphones
  • By outdoor work spaces