Fitout ideas to attract workers back to the office

While the world is slowly returning to normal work life after the shakeup of the pandemic, there are still many employees who are reluctant to return to the office. Whether they have concerns about their health or simply do not want to go back to old routines, many workers are choosing to remain working from home.

While it may be tempting to force employees to go back to office via company mandates, this can ruffle feathers and may result in the loss of some of your workforce. So, what can be done? Simple. If you want to encourage more of your employees to return to the office, you need to make your office a more welcoming and inviting place. Here’s how!

Install workstation screens

While vaccines and increased hygiene practices are key to reducing the transmission of COVID-19, there are other safety adjustments offices can make to reduce the spread. One of the simplest, but most effective methods is by introducing workstation screens. Available in a wide range of designs and configurations, workstation screens allow your workers to feel connected, while reducing transmission risk. As an added benefit they also give workers added privacy in open plan office spaces, while optimising acoustic comfort.

Update old amenities

If your office fitout is looking tired or outdated, it’s more likely that workers are going to see their homes as more attractive workplaces. If you update your amenities however, you’ll have some massive drawcards which will entice workers back to the office. Kitchens and bathrooms are a great place to start, as people have got used to the comforts of home.

Remodel kitchens

Research shows that offices with well-designed kitchen areas have happier employees. Make sure you update splashbacks, tiling, cabinetry and bench tops to breathe some life into the space. Add additional bench space if possible so employees can spread out when prepping their lunches. Include multiple microwaves if you have more than 15 staff, so there’s no awkward queuing and if you can afford it, instant hot water and cold water on tap is another great touch!

Renovate bathrooms

Office bathrooms also play an important role in boosting employee happiness and wellbeing. Renovate floor and wall tiling, mirrors, basins and tapware to really update the space. You can also use the opportunity to add in more covid-safe appliances such as automatic soap dispensers and air jet hand dryers. If your bathroom is lacking natural light, make sure you amp up the ambient lighting to compensate.

Introduce new amenities

Adding new amenities is also a great way to add value to the office and entice workers back. Some great options are break rooms and recreational areas, which give your employees a much needed break from screen time, while giving them casual meeting places to interact and relax between work. You could also add some end of trip facilities for employees who bike, scooter, or walk to work, as well as those who enjoy a morning or afternoon workout.

Want to encourage your workers back to the office?

Instead of using the stick and forcing your workers to return to office work, go with the carrot! Use the opportunity to introduce new workstations, update your amenities and add new ones. If your office in is need of a revamp, contact our team today. Experienced in building, construction, fitout, and furniture procurement, we’ll work with you to create a more functional and inspiring office.