3 office fit out trends you’ll actually care about

The modern workplace is a constantly evolving space, and it’s one of the most important factors in the success of a business. Create a productive and positive workplace by understanding which design elements will have the most impact on your team.

Trends can only last for a short while, but collaborative and flexible workspaces, innovative use of technology and employee wellbeing have all become integral parts of the modern working environment – and there are some easy ways to upgrade your offices so you’re not left behind!

Flexible working spaces

The rise of the flexible working space has evolved into something much more than just a simple, open plan office.

Individual working zones, small and large collaborative areas, outdoor spaces, standing workstations and hot desks are becoming more commonplace. You’ll also notice a move towards a more cosy and ‘green’ environment, to make these more appealing. Integrate indoor plants, friendly furniture (like couches in shared areas) and encourage your team to make their desk or space their own.

Integrated technology

‘Smart offices’ have emerged as some of the most innovative workspaces. By integrating software and hardware in the workspace, it’s now possible for businesses to manage almost any aspect of their physical working environment centrally. This means no more confusion, external IT company and inefficiencies within your team.

Get your office in future shape by centrally controlling the temperature, light levels, room bookings and calendar management. This technology will streamline your workplace and help your team run as smoothly as possible.

Whether you work in the tech space or a more traditional industry, it’s easy to incorporate these changes into your office fit out to create the best workplace for your employees.

Wellbeing in the workplace

The pursuit of health and wellbeing has huge impact when it comes to the workplace and it should be considered during your office fit out ideation.

Simple adjustments, like including stations which offer staff free fruit, vegetables, or healthy snacks, are becoming increasingly popular, but some businesses are taking things a step further. Offering your employees the choice of standing desks, ergonomic equipment or simply bringing more natural light into your space can change the way your team perceives your company and feels on the day to day.  

The common idea behind these trends? They’re focused on mainly on one thing – the support of employees and your team. Chat to your fit out specialist to see how you can make changes in your office to improve the environment and treat your team!