How “Smart Home” technology will impact your office

We live in an age of technological revolution, and technical innovations are going to continue to impact our office environments. Just like in your work or personal life, where everything can be repurposed as an app or a website, this sudden explosion of technology can certainly be utilised in your approach to office renovations and fitouts, especially as a tool to optimise employee productivity.

One technology that is seeing a massive surge in popularity right now is ‘smart-home’ technology, like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa, which both aim to make day-to-day home life just that little bit easier. To increase efficiencies in the office, this technology can be utilised in your work environment, to help automate tasks and scale productivity. From power control to information, these little technology pieces can be valuable additions to your workplace.

Power Control

A primary function that both Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa possess is their ability to control the powerpoints in your office space. You can use them to remotely operate lights and projectors, as well as to change the colour of the lights or turn on computers. This will create a surge in the efficiency of your workplace, especially during meetings when time can often be wasted on computer setup, as well as saving you valuable dollars on the power bill every year.


Smart technology’s primary function is working as an information hub. From Google searches, to reminding you of important dates in your calendar, these tools can help with storing, and presenting you with the right information when you need it. Never before has information been so readily accessible. Just by asking a simple question, you’ll have access to the vast reserves of the internet, and your own personal AI research assistant who will trawl through the information for you in order to let you know only what you really need. These are great sources to add to your meeting rooms, or resource your administration and office management staff with.  

Efficiency and scheduling

Scheduling events and reminding you of calendar notifications is one of the most helpful uses for smart home technology. These mini-computers can act as virtual assistants, managing your calendar and schedule – the Google home can now even book appointments on your behalf! Smart home technology is a scheduling revolution that is ready to take your workplace by storm.

Smart home technology is an innovative field of technological advancement that’s often underutilised in its common home environment. When used in the office, we unlock so much more of this technology’s potential for use. With an affordable price tag, smart home technology in your office can relieve common day-to-day bottlenecks and admin strains, and improve your overall efficiency.