Create an engaging education space with these 4 tips

With the rise of private education centres, like General Assembly and Academy Xi, innovation within classroom spaces is becoming a critical element to attracting and retaining students. How can a classroom be best constructed to facilitate modern day learning? Which are the right steps to take and how can you incorporate technology in your next office fitout?

It’s important to understand the specific goals and motivations of your class to optimise the space for their needs, but these tips will you help achieve the foundations of an education space that’s geared toward improved and effective learning.


With the rapid innovation that’s occurring in the technological sphere, it’s important to incorporate relevant technology in your education space. This will help give your learning a modern and engaging approach, while removing the possibility distraction. Giving your workshops and classes a practical approach by proving smart whiteboards, cord management and control, and an appropriate computer setup will encourage your students to remain engaged and return over time. Chat to your fitout specialist about other ways to create a focused learning space using technology.


An often-overlooked area of the classroom, furniture is important for two reasons. Firstly, it is the main factor influencing the aesthetic of the classroom, and rooms with congruent and modern furniture can create an aesthetic that encourages growth and learning. It’s also a way to practically make use of a smaller space if you do have larger classes with a high attendance. Allowing for sufficient space per person creates a comfortable environment for both students and practising teachers or workshop leaders.

Secondly, prioritising ergonomic furniture is becoming a common expectation of students for private education facilities. Your fitout specialist will be able to recommend high quality ergonomic pieces for every budget.

Collaborative spaces

One major innovation that has made its way into corporate environments is the creation and encouragement of collaborative learning and teamwork through shared spaces. Renovating your open areas, like your reception, kitchen, and lounge areas are great ways to create a collaborative space. These areas will also benefit your students if they take on group projects or meetings.

Other classroom innovations

There are countless other educational innovations occurring right now that you can utilise to make your classroom ready for the future.

As with any space, it’s important to tailor it to your own needs and the needs of your students. But the above list is a great starting point to set you in the right direction. Best of luck with your education revolution!