Four no-fuss office area redesigns to consider for the end of financial year

The financial year is nearly over, your employees have worked hard to get to this point, and the next few weeks stand to be some of the busiest of the year. Once the financial year is over, rewarding your company and employees with fresh spaces and new ideas is a great way to boost your team’s morale and productivity. Kick off the new financial year by giving yourself a fresh start and make a conscious impact on the success of the year to come. The below office-area redesign ideas can serve as a great starting point for your new office look.

Meeting rooms

While the majority of work might not be done in these rooms, some of the most important work in the coming year will occur in your office’s meeting rooms. Whether it be internal meetings, or client consultations, a meeting room with a fresh look can really boost the effectiveness of the space. With meeting rooms, minimalism is key—avoid overwhelming your clients or employees with a lot of clutter in a meeting room. Fitting out your meeting room with new (but essential) furniture is a great way to revitalise the look of the space.

Recreational rooms

Recreational rooms are an important space for your team’s ability to collaborate and also take a break during the day. Giving it some attention and creating a well-designed area can show your employees you care about them and value their work. Specifically for this space, a redesign should involve more modern amenities, so you can impact the overall look of the space. A new microwave or fridge, or a modern table are great ways of showing your employees you value the contribution they’ve made this financial year.

Reception areas

As the first point of contact in your company, it’s important to have a fresh and modern reception area that reflect the values of your business. Investing in modern signage, a unique waiting area, and reception desk, can really improve the client experience in your office going into this fresh financial year. You can use design tools online to help visualise your space before consulting an office fitout specialist.

Desk areas

These areas are possibly the most important in your office. The productivity of your employees can be greatly impacted by the general feel of their space. Showing your employees you value their contribution by investing in ergonomic chairs and desks can go miles in improving the productivity of your team heading in to this new financial year.

Use these tips act as a starting point for your office redesign at the end of this financial year. Good luck for the weeks to come, and if you have questions, reach out for a complimentary office fitout consultation.