How an Office Fitout can Improve Company Culture

Are you thinking of redesigning your offices?

Company culture is in a constant state of evolution and it’s important to constantly evaluate whether your vision and goals are moving the right direction. An office fitout has two main impacts; it plays a vital role in improving your team’s productivity. and it can easily determine the real image your business depicts to your valued clients.

Here are some of the important factors to consider when choosing the best office furniture. Check these out:

Furniture Material
Choosing a furniture theme based on their materials is an easy way to integrate the different facets of your office. From open working spaces, to kitchens, executive meeting rooms and private offices, a commonly used material helps in keeping your office look modern and contemporary. One of the biggest trends is the use of wood for workstations and office tables. You can opt for various stunning wood types, such as cedar and oak. Don’t forget to choose furniture materials that match and balance each other to acquire a professional and elegant office look.

Furniture Design
While your office furniture is seen and used by employees, keep in mind the impression you’ll send to clients and customers. A bright red couch featuring fluffy upholstery may be fun and comfy, but it might not present the image you want to convey to clients.

If the work you do is particularly serious, say legal counselling or accounting, chances are you’ll want to stick with office furniture that sends a more traditional, professional message. That’s doesn’t mean you can’t modernise your office fitout with contemporary details and finishings.

Furniture Functionality
Employees will be sitting and working most of the day, so providing them a comfortable chair and desk is a must. While aesthetics are important, a focus on ergonomics (like well-supported chairs and adjustable desks) will make their working life much easier.

Aside from planning workstations, you can also style your interior to promote your culture, depending on your business type. Are you aiming for a open atmosphere where employees can easily communicate and collaborate with each other? Buy a huge table and a few chairs. Are you going for a formal feel with cubicles so that they can focus? Buy a desk with cubicle-dividers.

Finding a balance between functionality and feel is key for building the foundation for great company culture. Follow the helpful tips above and rest assured that you get best results in no time.

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