Easy Ways to Incorporate Technology Into Your Office Space

When it comes to considering an office fitout, it’s important to keep technology as a priority on your list. Utilising your space or choosing an office that best allows you to incorporate technology is critical in remaining competitive as a company and also providing your team the right tools to excel at their job.

But, what’s next?

Consider the following tips before your fitout and raise any technological needs you have with your fitout specialist!

Use a VOIP phone

VOIP systems are being installed in more offices around Australia, replacing the traditional office phone. By allowing you to make calls over broadband, it’ll streamline your company communication, as people can use the same number across multiple locations. VOIP also improves the efficiency of conference calling, especially during meetings with multiple staff members. Installing VOIP will help increase savings for your telco budget and flatten any communication bumps your office may have.   

Get organised with a tablet

Tablets can help create a paperless office and sync all ‘physical’ files to existing networks. Below are some ways to make great use out of a tablet around the office:

  • Booking meetings or conference rooms
  • Signing visitors in and out
  • Presenting ideas during meetings
  • Implementing interactive noticeboard

Keeping this in mind during your fitout planning can help with installing the right mounts around your office.

Collaborate with hotdesks

Hotdesks are a great way to create space, allowing your team to collaborate in a more casual way (especially when compared to more serious meeting rooms). They’re also an ideal solution for accommodating for freelancers you may only have in a few times a week. Hotdesks reduce any pain around personal space and privacy, as they’re designated areas for casual workers and brainstorming sessions. You can also consider adding desks that have power outlets fitted with integrated USB slots. This will allow people to work on their laptops or tablets, let staff charge devices during their break, and also creates the perfect spot for an environment change from their normal desk.

Take advantage of your office fitout by making your office more tech friendly. Simple things like providing more sockets, to using wireless technology when possible can significantly boost employee efficiency and happiness. Don’t forget to chat with an office fitout specialist to see if they have ideas on getting the most out of your space!