Seamless Power and Connectivity Solutions for Modern Workspaces


Effortless Connectivity:
Experience the future of workspace connectivity with Soft Wiring, a plug-and-play system that revolutionizes power distribution. Utilizing interconnecting modular components such as cable baskets, GPOs and Data bezels, power rails, umbilicals, and power poles, Soft Wiring provides seamless power access to commercial and workstation spaces. Say goodbye to cluttered cords and welcome a streamlined, efficient power solution.

Adaptable Modular System:
Soft Wiring offers unparalleled adaptability. Its modular components can be configured and reconfigured to match the evolving needs of your workspace. Whether you’re setting up a collaborative office or a private workstation, Soft Wiring adjusts to your requirements, ensuring every corner of your space is powered.

Sleek and Discreet Design:
Enjoy a clutter-free workspace with Soft Wiring’s sleek design. Its discreet installation ensures that power outlets and data connections are seamlessly integrated into your workspace environment. No more tripping over wires or struggling to find a power source; Soft Wiring brings effortless connectivity directly to your fingertips.

Customizable Options:
Soft Wiring is available in refined shades of grey, charcoal, and navy, allowing you to seamlessly match it to your existing décor. The system blends seamlessly with various office aesthetics, providing both functionality and style.

Reliable and Safe:
Rest assured knowing that Soft Wiring is designed with safety in mind. Its robust construction and reliable components ensure a stable power supply, while its safety features provide peace of mind for both employees and employers. Say hello to a workspace where safety and convenience coexist harmoniously.

Efficiency Redefined:
Soft Wiring’s efficient design eliminates the hassle of complex installations. With its easy plug-and-play system, you can set up and rearrange your workspace in minutes. Embrace a new era of efficiency with Soft Wiring, where power and connectivity are redefined for the modern workplace.

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