Efficient Desk Power Hub


Advanced Power and Data Solutions:
Introducing Athena Power Rail, the ultimate above-desk power module. Experience a seamless blend of power and data options, including a variety of GPO outlets and advanced inline services such as USB-C/A fast charge. This innovative solution also incorporates our Helipad and Helistand wireless module for cutting-edge convenience.

Flexible Mounting Options:
Athena Power Rail offers versatile installation choices. Whether you prefer desk clamped or through fitting, this power hub adapts to your workspace configuration. Say goodbye to cluttered cables and hello to a streamlined, efficient power solution.

Sophisticated Design Choices:
Elevate your workspace with Athena’s sophisticated design. Available in a range of refined shades, including grey, charcoal, and navy, this power module seamlessly integrates into your decor. Its aesthetic appeal is matched only by its functionality, creating a harmonious balance between style and efficiency.

Reliable and Sturdy:
Rest assured, Athena Power Rail is built for lasting performance. Its sturdy foundation, anchored by robust black powder-coated steel legs, ensures not only stability but also a touch of modern elegance. Say hello to a clutter-free, organized workspace where every detail is designed for your convenience.

Perfect Dimensions for Every Setting:
Athena Power Rail is precisely sized to fit effortlessly into any setting. Its dimensions, carefully crafted at 660W x 850D x 355SH/890H, guarantee a perfect fit, allowing you to optimize your workspace without compromising on style or functionality. Experience the future of workspace power solutions with Athena Power Rail.

From showroom to install

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