Versatile and Tailored to Your Needs


Adaptable Design:
Meet the MARCO MEETING TABLE, a marvel of versatility. Its design effortlessly accommodates both rectangular and boat-shaped tops, seamlessly integrating power and data boxes. Tailor the length to your exact requirements, ensuring it suits your unique workspace needs.

Customized Elegance:
Craft your perfect table with a custom-sized melamine top featuring an ABS edge in your choice of commercial finish. The MARCO MEETING TABLE is not just a functional piece; it’s an elegant addition to your office space, reflecting your refined taste.

Robust Framework:
Supported by the Marco fixed height meeting frame, available in Pearl White or Black Texture, this table stands on a sturdy foundation. The frame’s black powder-coated steel legs not only provide stability but also exude a touch of modern elegance, enhancing your workspace aesthetics.

Seamless Integration:
Whether for collaborative brainstorming sessions or formal meetings, the MARCO MEETING TABLE seamlessly integrates into any setting. Its perfect dimensions and thoughtfully designed features ensure it effortlessly fits into your office environment, enhancing both functionality and style.

Transform Your Meetings:
Elevate your meetings with the MARCO MEETING TABLE. Its adaptability, tailored design, and sturdy construction make it the ideal choice for dynamic workspaces. Transform your meetings into productive and stylish affairs with this exceptional table.

From showroom to install

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