Tailored Greenery Solutions


Versatile Green Spaces:
Introducing our CUSTOM PLANTER BOXES, the perfect solution to elevate your indoor or outdoor environment with lush greenery. Crafted from durable melamine construction in a standard commercial finish, these planter boxes are designed to bring nature closer, enhancing the ambiance of any space.

Tailored to Your Needs:
Tailor your green oasis with our customizable planter boxes. From office corners to residential patios, these planters adapt seamlessly to various settings, adding a touch of natural beauty. The melamine construction ensures longevity and easy maintenance, making these planters a sustainable choice for your botanical displays.

Exquisite Finish, Endless Possibilities:
While excluding the drip tray, these planter boxes maintain a clean and polished look. The absence of clutter ensures a seamless integration with your decor. Whether you prefer a minimalist white finish or a more natural wood grain tone, our planter boxes are available in refined shades to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Perfect Dimensions, Effortless Integration:
Precisely sized to fit effortlessly into any setting, these planter boxes measure at the ideal dimensions. Whether you have limited space or expansive areas, these planters are designed to accommodate your green aspirations without overwhelming the surroundings.

Bring Nature Home:
Transform your space into a haven of greenery with our CUSTOM PLANTER BOXES. Experience the joy of nurturing plants while enhancing the visual appeal of your environment. Discover endless possibilities for botanical creativity with these tailored green spaces, designed to blend seamlessly into your lifestyle.

From showroom to install

Unlike competitors, we operate with an in house team to manage your fitout product installations. Stay up to date with these products in our latest fitouts and newly designed spaces.