The exciting innovations shaping the future of interior design

Interior design is an art form that is always moving and evolving into new innovations. As a result, it can be overwhelming to keep track of new trends and revolutions that are shaping its future. From new technology, to psychological suggestions, there are more and more differing perspectives and researched-back ideas that are progressing interior design. Our office fitout specialists stay on top of these trends, and we’ve found three of the most exciting innovations that we believe have the potential to reshape the future of interior design.

Smart Homes

One of the truly exciting innovations that’s growing prominence in the interior design world is the advent of smart homes. It once seemed too futuristic to even fathom, but thanks to rapid innovations like Google Home, many people now have the opportunity to turn their home into a smart home with little effort or cost. Smart homes can be utilised to adjust the ambiance in a room through dim lighting, to open and close doors and curtains, and hundreds of other unique and innovative purposes. Smart homes are growing to become an expected and normal part of the interior design sphere.  


Storage Solutions

With the ever-increasing costs of buying into the property market, bigger and bigger companies are being forced to operate in smaller and smaller spaces. It’s crucial for storage to become more innovative and unique in modern interior design in order to account for the lack of space. Fortunately, with demand comes supply, and many storage companies have been making some exciting inroads into storage innovation. From suspended storage options, to cleverly designed cabinets, to hidden spaces, storage is a very exciting area of interior design that we expect to grow in its uniqueness and innovation in the next few years.

Greener Offices

Recently, there’s been a lot of attention given to the environment as an important consideration in interior design. As more offices adopt a greener approach, it’s important for interior designers to ready themselves with innovative solutions to environmental conservation efforts. From coffee and food compost in recreational areas, to more energy efficient technology choices, many offices are ready and eager to adopt greener alternatives in fitting out their space. It is exciting to see where this relatively fresh area of interior design will travel in the net few years, but we are sure that more offices will turn to greener alternatives.


So, there you have it, three of what we believe to be some of the more exciting innovative influences in the world of interior design. Of course, there are many more exciting ideas that didn’t make the list, and by doing your own research you will find that interior design really is an art form.