Look up! The importance of ceiling space in office fitouts

When considering an office fitout most people think about colour schemes, layout, amenities, furniture, and flooring – but rarely about the ceiling. To be fair, it’s not something you think about much when you walk into an office (unless there’s something particularly unique or different about it). But we’re here to tell you, ceiling space is important!

Whether you’re looking for something industrial, natural, open spaced, or closed and cosy, your ceiling space will completely transform the atmosphere of your office fitout. If you’re looking for some ceiling styling inspiration for your office design or renovation, here are some of our greatest tips.

Suspended ceilings

Certainly the most common ceilings seen in offices, there’s a good reason so many people opt for suspended ceilings. This style of ceiling allows for easy access to pipes and cables, quick installation, soundproofing and fireproofing. They can also be resistant to moisture and mould and provide a reasonably high-end, professional look for a lower price. While white is the most common suspended ceiling tile colour, you can mix it up with other neutral colours such as blacks, greys and browns.

Wood ceilings

Natural and simple, wood ceilings will give your space an open, warm, natural finish. More unique than a simple white tiled, suspended ceiling, wooden elements are more inviting and far more versatile. You can have wood cut to fit any space or angle and experiment with a range of different curves, arches and overhangs to create a look to fit your office space. Better yet, wood can be used to hide or detract from awkward or unattractive structural elements that cannot be removed (such as pipes, structural columns, or electrical conduits). With a huge range of wood varieties and stain colours available, you can easily find something to suit your office space.

3D ceilings

If you’re not so keen on the natural look, you can consider something a little more creative. If you’re looking for something more industrial or unique, consider 3D elements that hang from the ceiling. These elements can add motion and create artistry up above. You can choose from a large variety of materials such as plastic, tiles, glass and metal. Pendant lights and other decorative hanging lights can achieve the same purpose, while doubling up as addition sources of light!

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