How to make the decision between open plan offices and private desks

Open-plan office spaces have rapidly increased in popularity over the last few years. Companies are tending to opt for an open floor plan, especially large corporates keen to attract and retain talent. However, an open plan office doesn’t always work for every work environment. While there are multiple positive side effects, open spaces can be disruptive for employees and may even have a negative impact on workplace productivity.

The interior layout of any office space plays a huge role in creating a conducive work space.

Corporate employers now have a choice between open and private office layouts, whereas in the past, enclosed offices almost always ruled over open offices. In recent years, however, companies are now proud of their open plan layouts, claiming they’ve led to a significant boost in employee productivity and an accommodation for different personalities and work environment.

When you’re tossing up between and open place office or private cubicles, think about these considerations:

  • The main aim of open plan offices is to promote communication and boost the flow of ideas. An open seating chart allows for teams to communicate and more importantly, cross-pollination among different teams. This is especially relevant for larger companies, where silos can easily occur.
  • Aside from increased productivity, employees also have the chance to socialise in a healthier way compared to enclosed and private offices. Rather than barricade teams between walls, an open space allows diffusion to happen through the way, rather than exclusively during lunch or scheduled meetings.
  • Open offices have also been a subject of criticism as they can make employers prone to distraction, thereby decreasing their productivity. If you choose to go ahead with an open plan office, it’s important to provide enough space per employee to avoid overcrowding, which can heighten the amount of distraction.
  • Privacy is an important benefit of working in private offices. These employees will feel secure in this type of environment, and have fewer distractions to deal with.
  • An open design can also facilitate the spread of illnesses like flu or the cold, because of the large shared space. Ensure your company has a fair sick leave policy, so employees do not feel pressure to come into work if they are unwell.

With the huge impact an office fitout and your interior design has on your team’s productivity, employers are recommended to consult experienced office fitout specialist before making any large and costly decisions. This will help create a space that’s perfect for your ideal working environment!