How to get your new office fitout over the line with management

The new office fitout can be a hard sell to management. Hey we need money to put towards the space we live and breathe in Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Yes it’s going to cost a bit and no commerical and office fitouts aren’t just for aesthetics.

Here are some of the benefits of a good space:

Office fitouts boost productivity

No surprise these days that employee morale is important. A good office environment dictates work ethic, efficiency and morale (whether that’s commercial fitouts, office fitouts, dental clinics, medical clinics or your work from home station).

Productivity increases by 20% in a well-designed office.

The activity of refurbishing in general also gives your team an opportunity to discuss current likes and dislikes in the office space. Would a new standing desk or ergonomic chair minimise headaches? Do they see a need for a roaster in-house to save time on coffee walks? These elements of an office fitout shape up to contribute to a much bigger picture around your team’s productivity.

Refurbishments get the clients

Your brand extends past your name and logo. It stretches into;

  • Your collateral (website, brochures, business cards)
  • How your team present themselves (online, meetings, livechat, on the field)
  • And your office space

First impressions count and having those board meetings in a contemporary, functional workspace speaks volumes about your brand. Does your work environment align to your overarching visual identity and business? Is your brand quirky, dense, minimal, colourful, loud, clean, organic and does your space reflect this? A dedicated fitout specialist works hand in hand to ensure your office refurbishment aligns with those brand expectations.

Finding better people

It’s also worthwhile to add that good quality design fitouts and office refurbishments attract a higher calibre of employee. Yes, the office space matters. Yes, future employees are sussing you out on socials. Yes, they’re judging your work environment from the moment they step into their interview. So yes, a good design office fitout matters for the internal growth and recruitment of your team.

Improve your physical space = improved mental energy

An office or commerical fitout forces your office to Maree Kondo things. Clear out the old and in with the new. Although this typically is a physical activity (as your design fitout specialist comes in to transform the space), it is also a psychologial activity. It can create a sense of lightness or relief and mitigate overwhelming disorganisation or clutter. We’re not suggesting you become an outright minimalist like Maree, but use this opportunity as a clean slate to maintain your office environment.

Download our design fitout pitch

Are you struggling to give your leasing agent or your own management a brief on what you need in a new or refurbished space?

We’ve organised a handful of forms are designed to help you come prepared to the board or management staff.¬†Give yourself greater understanding of your needs, allowing you to confidently assess your options and evaluate compromises that may be required, when considering prospective tenancies.

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