What You Need to Know About Fitouts in Brisbane


Take a look around at your office. Is it still conducive for a productive workday? If not, it might need an upgrade. An office fitout in Brisbane is one way of transforming a workspace from being dull to lively. Apart from making your office look a lot better, it can also meet the operational demand and requirements of your day to day activities. Apart from this, there are other advantages that it can bring.

Benefits of a Great Fitout

  • Organisation: The design and overall planning of a workspace are contributing factors to the organisation and better communication with the office teams. Some of the important elements of a workspace are individual specialty rooms, partitions, furniture, lighting and others services. If these are carefully designed, it results into a productive and vibrant working environment. A carefully-planned office space that considers these elements contributes in achieving a productive and highly organised space.
  • Efficiency: Operational spaces that are well-designed become efficient and provide various benefits to workers. The office becomes more efficient and productive since workflow paths and communication lines are improved between groups. This causes decrease in lost time during a workday.
  • Spaces are maximised: One of the main goals of having an office fitout in Brisbane is to make the most out of the available space. This is especially useful if office workspaces are small, and may also involve removing fixtures that are not necessary, depending on the operational requirements. By maximising the available workspace, you can reduce office space overheads.
  • Better air quality and lighting: Lighting is a very important factor in creating a good office environment. You can create the dynamics that calm or excite employees through the provision of mood, task and indirect lighting throughout the entire workspace. More companies are now opting for a more “open air” office design. Depending on their main building’s design, more and more offices now have open windows, air purifiers, and ozone replacement machines to improve the office’s air quality.
  • Staff satisfaction: The kind of environment that employees are in affects their work attitude and satisfaction towards the workplace. Apart from well-designed work stations, you can also have breakout areas and recreational spaces for the staff. This allows them to relax and socialise with their co-workers during breaks. Companies who have adapted this kind of office design have a considerable drop in staff turnover.
  • Positive impression: A creative office design leaves a good impression on guests, clients, business associates and other people that visit the office. Therefore, it is very important for your workspace to look great.

Now, if you’re planning to have an office fit out in Brisbane, there are 5 key numbers that you should remember for it to be successful.

#1 – 60

If you’ve submitted an office fit-out application for development in Brisbane, 60 days is the average number of days before it will be approved. There are cases where it is approved within 30 days, but just to be sure, allot 60 days for the filing and approval process.

#2 – 8

This is the number of weeks that will lapse between ordering the workstations for the office until it is completed, installed and ready to use. This figure applies to tailor-designed solutions where standard products and materials aren’t used.

#3 – 1288

This is the Australian Standard 2006. It’s the standard in which all the glass in your office should comply with. This standard outlines the procedures for the design, selection and installation of glass in commercial buildings. The local council in your area may require your glazing contractor to provide certifications that the glass to be used adheres to this standard. This will help you in protecting yourself from workplace health and safety risks that may be associated with the glass.

#4 – 400

Based on the Australian Standard AS 1680-1990, you’ll need 400 lux of light for the usual office work. There are higher levels of light requirement in some specific areas, such as where detailed desk work is done, and for areas like corridors wherein lower levels are allowed.

#5 – 3

Before you sign up for any project, make sure you get three different office fit-out designs. You will find that experienced companies like Urban Group will showcase ideas for the design and discuss costs before deciding to go with the project.

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