Benefits of Commercial Fit Outs and Some Tips on Office Moving


Moving office at some stage may be inevitable. Your team’s size has grown too large for the current space; the location is no longer suitable for your business; or your lease cannot be renewed. For whatever the reason, the move will involve a great deal of stress especially for those who are in-charge in making sure that the move is perfect.

Below are some tips in making sure that stress levels are reduced on your next commercial relocation project:

Know the person in-charge

Having to move an office is a huge task and no one person can really be solely responsible in managing all aspects of the move. The best way to operate is appointing one person to delegate tasks to the relocation team. All information is routed through a single point in the company. However, responsibility doesn’t have to lay entirely with them during the entire project. Support is needed from the entire team. Make sure that all staff are informed of the fitout management structure in order to keep order in a chaotic time. Having this strategy streamlines decisions for greater end results.

Determine budget

Commercial office fitouts in Brisbane are varied in costs depending on your end goal and how savvy you want to be. It helps in the decision making process if you determine the amount you are willing to spend on the project. Make sure that you did your shopping around to determine the sorts of pricing you can expect prior to setting a budget. By setting a realistic budget, the likelihood of spending excessively is lowered.

Know your timelines

It’s important to lay out a clear timeline so you know that everything will be ready when you need it. It’s best to do your research first on how long approvals would take. Knowing the specific time it takes for certain processes can help you in planning and reduce the risk of mistakes which can cause stress and setbacks.

Power and data points

Any office needs adequate power and data points. People often forget the need for these and underestimate on how many they need. Make sure to be realistic in setting the need for extra power points so that everyone has the access they need as soon as you start in your new workspace.

Seeking professional help

As mentioned earlier, commercial fit outs in Brisbane for a new office can be time-consuming and stressful. It is difficult to complete without a glitch if you don’t have the right contacts and and without prior experience.  Talk to Urban Group’s professionals about your requirements to ensure that you’re in the right track.

An important aspect that you may want to consult with an expert is choosing the furniture in your office. This is a task that needs careful planning. There are obviously financial choices between purchasing and leasing of your furniture, and Urban can advise you of the benefits of both for completing your commercial interiors in Brisbane and reaping long-term benefits – some include:

  • Control: This is one of the major advantages of purchasing your own office furniture. You have full control over it. You have the authority to set it up anywhere you like, alter it, repaint it, or even resell it if you no longer need it. This also means that you dont need to worry of having to pay monthly repayments or having to pay extra if damages are incurred.
  • Incentives in taxes: Another benefit is the prospect of tax incentives. Owners can enjoy tax benefits on capital assets and equipment. Examples of these are vehicles, office desks, computers, workstations, and office chairs. Check with your accountant or the Australian Tax Office regarding the claiming of a capital asset.

You typically spend long hours at work, so it’s important to design and furnish your workspaces well.  Consult our office interior design professionals so that we can help you weigh up your options properly and advise you on the best solutions to make your workplace more appealing and conducive for productivity.