3 creative and unique medical clinic design ideas

Patients and clients constantly walk through the doors of medical clinics across Brisbane everyday – making them one of the most customer-exposed environments. Create a change in your space by avoiding the stock-standard feel of most clinics by experimenting with lighting, colours and furniture. Your clinic design can reflect a modern space, encouraging a sense of affinity with your patients to continue visiting your practice.

Ready to change up your space? Keep these 3 tips in mind for your next clinic redesign:

Stand up to colour

While it may feel safe to choose white and cream as your clinic’s main colours, your medical design should reflect the passion you bring to your profession. Simplicity can remain, but consider colour as a way to bring your brand and voice to life. Take a look at a previous Urban Group project where corporate colours were introduced to bring something new to the table:

Even if lime green and ruby red are your favourite colours, it’s good to keep these subtle and introduce them in creative ways. Adding pops of colour to your equipment and furniture is an easy way to integrate vibrancy in your space, without saturating your practice with an overwhelming hue. These pops can also translate into the reception and waiting area to help your patients feel relaxed and at ease.

Opt for warm lighting over fluorescent

Your clinic fitout should suit the needs of your practice – a psychologist or chiropractor will have differents needs to that of a family GP. But while equipment is at the heart of these needs, the design for certain spaces can be relaxed and encourage a feeling of zen for its patients and visitors. Swapping out bright fluorescent lights for warmer hanging light fixtures is a simple way to start.

Rethink your furnishings

There are some unfortunate stereotypes of medical clinics that patients often expect, such as uncomfortable chairs, an old television and musty carpet. However, it is completely within your grasp to transform how your patients think of your clinic. After all, the calibre of your services and the impact you provide to the community should be communicated, not only through your technology, services and branding but also the entire patient experience from the moment they step through your doors.

Comfy seats, some modern artwork and a bright tiled area can bring life to a tired reception area. Look at furniture choices that are focused on creating a feeling of comfort and homeliness, rather than sterile or plain furnishings.

Your medical clinic design doesn’t need to belong in the drab ages anymore. Our team of medical fitout specialists and interior designers can assist you in creating a medical or dental clinic that won’t just provide comfort, but will encourage patients to visit you and identify your clinic with excellence in all aspects.
An impactful profession should have an inspired space, so take a look at some of our previous projects and reach out if you have any questions.