Easy ways to perfect your clinic design: the waiting room

Most patients are prepared to do a little bit of extra waiting during their dental or medical appointments, but a thoughtful and well-executed clinic design can make all the difference in attitudes of your customers. Your office and staff will take care of minimising waiting times, but these medical waiting room fitout tips will create a space patients won’t mind sitting in.

Keep these tips in mind for your medical or dental fitout:

Comfort is key

Make sure you choose the right kind of furniture to accommodate the needs of your patients. Comfortable chairs, correct television placement (to avoid that uncomfortable neck strain) and ample space are the keys to preventing any kind of restlessness. If your medical waiting room needs to accommodate for patients with any physical injuries or disabilities, avoid placing coffee or side tables directly in front of the seating area. If you’re working with a small space, a fitout specialist can help you get it to the next level!

Make a good first impression

Create a space that welcomes feelings of ease and relaxation – even though these aren’t common when visiting the doctor or dentist! By seeking advice from a specialised interior design, you’ll be able to choose a colour scheme through your clinic that encourages the right kind of emotions. Be thoughtful about the temperature of your space by having an air conditioner installed (without it being not too cold or too hot!) and it’ll save you when the weather decides to play up.

The right light

Installing fixtures that create a well-lit yet relaxed space mean ditching the traditional fluorescent light for warmer tones and natural light. If you’re unable to change the in-built lights of your building, fixtures can be used to balance the dynamic.

Say no to clutter

A key part of your waiting room is the reception desk for your staff. Keep this space clean and clutter free by installing the necessary storage required during your fitout. In-built storage will save costs down the track and rather than spending on bulky filing cabinets or low quality storage cases, an integrated storage system planned out during your fitout means your space truly reflects your company needs. Your reception area will be completely built around the needs of your staff (because a happy team only increases customer satisfaction!)

The waiting room is the first touch point of your patient. It’s important to create an experience that will lead to positive feelings and your business will see the results of that. Speaking to a fitout specialist about your dental or medical fitout is the easiest way to start planning. One last quick tip? If you’re looking for a sure fire way to kick start customer satisfaction in the waiting room, provide water, toys for kids and a wifi connection. If you have any questions, please reach out!