Two medical clinics to inspire your next clinic fitout

Your medical clinic fitout is an important part of your business—it shapes the way clients interact and refer your services, how productive and positive your team is, and how your business revenue is set to succeed and grow. In this post, we’ll share four medical clinics that’ll inspire your own space, whether it be for a small interior design fix, or a complete clinic fitout.

Before getting started, don’t forget the three important questions to ask yourself when designing and creating a medical clinic fitout:

  1. Is your space functional? In a medical clinic, it’s important to ensure the facilities and office infrastructure are in place so the practice can run as a medical clinic should. This means having a well-designed and calming waiting room with proper seating, a well-organised reception area and the office functionality to ensure every client is treated efficiently and effectively.
  2. Does your clinic have aesthetic appeal, both in your physical space and online presence? Create a place that draws clients through its unique and modern appeal. Is your space comfortable and does it exude a sense of calm and safety? You can do this with your colour pallette, furniture and entertainment options. Have you created an online presence using Google listings and other review sites where clients can leave their feedback?
  3. Are you designing for an open space? Eliminate any possibility of a claustrophobic effect on the people in the space and create enough space for clients to feel like their privacy is being respected.

A warm and bright clinic

This clinic fitout aimed to create a clinic with a warm, modern feel that was still fresh and clean. Rather than take the route of a usual medical clinic, the space uses soft timbers throughout to add warmth. All of your usual hospital-style decor such as clinical blue and vinyl were avoided, making room for beautiful lighting, marble, black finishes and comfortable modern seating to appeal to their high-end market.

A space for an industry leader

This location is facilitated by world-class technology and industry leaders, and the space reflected just that. To represent its high calibre of services available; the reception area is modern, with elegant wood panels and matching storage and the treatment rooms are styled in a consistently simple, functional, and polished design.

If you need more help getting inspired, get in touch with our team of medical fitout specialists.