How to start planning your office fitout for end of financial year

Brisbane office design is continuing to evolve and keep pace with trends from all over the working world. As research has shown, different methods of improving the productivity and happiness of our workforce have taken these methodologies and made them an intrinsic element of our designs. As we approach the end of the financial year, there’s no better way to prepare than looking into some less common areas of your office that could do with some love.

Office Fitout Bowen Hills

Recreational areas

Carving out room for a recreational area can be a complex task, but one made easier with the help of a specialist who can assist in rearranging your floorplan. By shifting tables and making use of all your floor space, like replacing bulky cubicles with slimmer open plan seating and tables, you can create room for an open recreational area. These areas can be used by employees to take lunch or have casual catch-ups during the course of an intense work day, and offer them the chance to refresh.

Here’s an example of a fitout we recently completed where recreational areas were prioritized. There’s dedicated space for ping pong tables and collaboratively work. This change can be especially impactful if you’re creating a space to promote a more cross-functional and open environment.

Embrace your ergonomics

Desk areas are possibly the most important in your office. Invest in ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and monitor stands to show your employees you care about creating a working space that supports their health. These small changes can go miles in improving the productivity and morale of your team, and give them motivation to start the new financial year with a bang.

Get organised with a tablet

Tablets can encourage a paperless office and sync all ‘physical’ files to existing cloud networks. Below are some ways to make great use out of a tablet around the office:

  • Booking meetings or conference rooms
  • Signing visitors in and out
  • Presenting ideas during meetings
  • Implementing an interactive noticeboard

Keeping this in mind during your fitout planning can help with installing the right facilities in your office such as tablet mounts or charging docks.

Greener offices

From coffee and food compost in recreational areas, to more energy efficient technology choices, many offices are ready and eager to adopt greener alternatives in fitting out their space. Take on a sustainability initiative, and even consider making a “green activity” a company wide event. For example, you can set aside an afternoon for a sustainability lunch where you discuss the new office initiatives you’ll be committing you, and explaining the benefits of these new actions and even offer them tips they can apply to their personal and home life. Rather than enforcing new guidelines, engage your employees to get them on board.


If you’d like to learn more about ways to plan for the end of financial year without committing to an entire office fitout, get in touch with an office fitout specialist—you might be surprised by the alternatives that will truly make impact!