Things That Say We Don’t Fit In Are Things That Make Us Stand Out


Renovating office space or moving to a new address is a challenging task not everyone is equipped for. The way an office is set up impacts employees’ performance and productivity and an incorrect placement of furniture can negatively affect the dynamics of a space. Some business owners don’t realize how important an office fitout is…. They delegate the work to in-house staff that are not trained or aware of what is involved leading to delays and budgeting issues.

Hiring experienced fitout specialists like the team at Urban Group helps business owners like you to avoid problems, such as move-out delays and financial issues. We take the initiative to work with our clients to think outside the square to help produce the businesses end goals.

Here are three things that set us apart from our competition:

1. Full turnkey package
We envision an ideal office plan for our clients and offer a full turnkey package including design, construction, furniture and maintenance services. By providing these services business owners don’t need waste time managing contractors sourcing furniture and designing their new fitout.

2. Excellent customer service
We don’t leave our clients in the dark. We make ourselves available to our clients over the phone or in person whenever necessary to establish an open line of communication. We ask our team of qualified and experienced designers, project managers and builders to be onsite as much as possible s that there is only one point of contact. We recognize problems and formulate solutions in a timely manner.

3. Quick turnaround time
We are aware that most of our clients are working under strict timeframes; it is just how businesses work. Urban Group makes every effort to ensure each project is on track especially if it’s on a tight time frame. All of this is done without sacrificing quality.

Do you think a square peg can fit in a round hole? There’s a way to make things work and that is what we do. If you are interested in our services, give us a call on 07 3620 8500 or email us at