Spend less and get more out of your office fitout

Working towards a budget is always the best option when considering an office fitout. While an office fitout can be one of the biggest costs for small to medium business, it can excel your vision as a company and provide your team a healthy and productive space to work in.

So, how do you optimise your savings for an office fitout?


Furniture is one of the most important aspects of your office fitout. Upfront costs for quality furniture will help to avoid maintenance costs in the future. Opt for timeless and practical solutions that are minimal and can placed to work in different layouts.

You can also use your existing furniture or some parts of it. Don’t dismiss some of your older pieces when moving into a newer space.

If you need to cut on costs, conduct inventory of your current furniture and search for high-quality furniture items which can be reused.


You need to take care of the total number of employees who will be working in your office. Consider your current head count and also try to project any future hires who will also share your office space. Thinking about how many square metres per employee is generally a good and accurate way of determining how much space you’ll need.

If this number is bigger than your expected budget, opt for a different employee sitting arrangement, like open desks, which can save on space and the land you’ll need.

Office fitout specialist

Often “do-it-yourself” projects can result in economically effective methods. However, most businesses that try to tackle the project themselves often end up blowing their budget and timeline, making costly mistakes, and creating a whole lot of stress for themselves. Having a professional fitout company can help you maximise your office space and give it a professional look. The team will be able to help you make good decisions and keep you in line with your pre-approved budget.

Remember, following a strict timeline for office fitout will help you cut your costs. Your budget is directly proportional to the time required to complete your office fitout.