The shortcuts you should take when planning your office fitout

So, you’re thinking of an office fitout? You want to create a space that somehow captures that perfect equilibrium between functionality and aesthetic? You want to create a space that’s inviting for clients and makes staff excited to come to work? It can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task, but understanding where you can make some easy wins is a great place to start. Here you’ll learn some of the shortcuts and cost-saving tips and tricks that industry fit out professionals use to make life just that little bit easier. Do be warned, this is just a starter guide and really only scratches the surface of what a real fit out specialist could do to improve your situation.

Know your clients and customers

The first thing any fit out specialist will tell you is that you need to know your clients. The people who hold the success of your business in their hands are those who will be doing dealings on a regular basis. Know what they like and you can make your fit out much more streamlined. For a medical practice, this means a calm aesthetic design. For a gentrified cafe, this means a rustic aesthetic. For a professional modern business, this means a sleek and minimalist design. Knowing your clients can save you hours of stress in your fit out experience, and improve the overall success of your business’ client interaction. It really is a win-win.

It’s not what you do, but what you don’t do

One trap many first-timers fall into is overcompensating in their efforts. Sometimes the best move you can make in a fit out is not doing something. Open space is a precious commodity in any working environment, and this space can sometimes be sacrificed for unnecessary extras. Think whether your company really needs that ping-pong table, or if your cafe really needs that extra-large wooden 12-seater table. Sometimes making sacrifices can save you hundreds of dollars in your process, and actually make your business less-claustrophobic and more breathable. Always keep this in mind with every fit out decision you make.

Buy in bulk or up-cycle to save money

One of the best money-saving strategies utilised by fit out specialists is buying in bulk or upcycling. For example, rather than buying individual chairs for an office, a bulk deal of a whole group of chairs can unlock discounts for the purchaser, another alternative is buying used chairs and reupholstering them for a fraction of the cost. This can be applied to any furniture or décor your business uses. This has the added bonus of being environmentally-friendly as well. Bulk-buying and up-cycling is a real handy trick you can use to save thousands.

Of course, these three tips only scratch the tip of the iceberg of knowledge in a specialist’s head. The true best way to access this knowledge is to hire a fit out specialist for yourself and see the wonders they can do and the money they can save you. Best of luck with your fit out!