Moving to a new space vs. an existing office redesign

One trap that can trick an enthusiastic first timer to redoing an office space is treating an office redesign as though it were a fitout for a whole new space. This can prove to be very costly for the business owner, and the mistakes that come from confusing the two can really set back a fit out and threaten its overall success. In this post, we’ll point out some of the subtle intricacies that can catch out the untrained eye so you’ll be able to notice the differences between fit outs for a new space as opposed to an office redesign.


Keeping what you need

Treating your existing office like a new space and completely overhauling the furniture and existing infrastructure is the first mistake you’ll want to avoid. This can be very costly for your business and at times can be an unnecessary step to take. The true art of the fit out is being selective about what to keep, knowing what adds value to the business and its space. This can be tricky for a first-timer, and a fit out specialist can really come in handy for someone who really wants to preserve value in the redesign of their space (and also save on their budget!). It’s important to know what to keep and what can be left behind in a redesign.

Utilising the space

With a new space, the area is practically a blank canvas which you can completely plan from scratch. This isn’t always the case for an office redesign. With a redesign, it’s important to work around the space you have, especially the permanent infrastructure you can’t move or rearrange. Consulting a fitout specialist will help you incorporate all the existing pieces and structures into your plan. Some pieces can stick out like a sore thumb when in a room not designed around them, so it’s critical to consider this when planning the redesign, rather than approaching it with a total rehaul in mind.

Finding the time and money

A design specialist can plan your budget around reutilising furniture and infrastructure that’s already in place, and repurpose budget for higher quality finishes that can make your space more comfortable or aesthetic. In comparison, a person fitting-out a new space usually has to build their office from scratch which can take a lot of time to plan and execute, although the stress of the planning process can be reduced significantly through consultancy.

There are a lot of differences between designing a new space and fitting out an existing one. To know which is right for you you need to consider what your priorities are – is it freedom to create a state of the art office? Updating what you have to accommodate your next boost in team growth? Or are you constrained by budget? Asking these questions, along with the three points above will help make for a successful fitout journey.