Use these office design research facts to boost company culture

Company culture is an important aspect of the success of any business. A company with a stellar culture can see their workplace productivity increase immensely, and conversely, a company with poor culture can see their productivity (and as a result earnings) stagnate. Fortunately, there have been many studies into ways of boosting company culture, and office design plays a large role in the overall attitude of a company’s team and staff.

Check out the studies below highlighting insightful facts about boost company productivity by utilising your office space.

Facilitate collaborative environments

It has long been touted that collaboration can boost productivity, so why aren’t more offices implementing environments that facilitate such collaboration? Many of the world’s most successful companies, like Google and Apple, have offices specifically designed to facilitate collaboration. So why not take lead from these companies and replicate similar conditions to test out its impact? Shawn Freeman, Founder and CEO of TWT Group, has long been an advocate for collaboration within the workplace, and has specifically researched its effectiveness. He claims, “for each of my company’s big ideas, I consult small groups of people as sounding boards”. A collaborative culture can encourage more creative ideation and a stronger bond between your team.

Promote visibility

Design expert David Craig has long been an advocate for visibility within a workplace. Whether this be done through glass doors and walls, or the removal of walls altogether, a workplace with open spaces can have a positive productivity response. When athletes perform in front of crowds, their performances tend to improve, and this logic can be applied to the workplace also. Employees also work better in open, breathable spaces. By considering visibility, you’ll start noticing your company’s productivity and culture within teams.

Ask your employees

At the end of the day, the contentedness of your employees plays a large influence in the productivity of your business. If they respond well to your office space, they’ll be happier during work and perform to a higher standard. Happy employees are more productive – by more than 30 percent, according to Good&Co – so if you consult your employees on their wants and needs in the office space, and respond to these desires, you will likely see a dramatic increase in your team’s productivity.

By using the above findings, along with your own internal research, you can start to construct an office space that truly strengthens your company’s culture and your team’s productivity.