5 important commercial interior design tips

It’s crucial for any business owner to design their space in a way that encourages a feel-good attitude, leaving workers – and in turn customers – happy and satisfied. Everything from the general vibe of your decor and the flow of your space can influence a customer’s experience and therefore their opinion on your business. Using your space to create a positive experience, in addition to customer service can be a great catalyst for your business’ success.

Now, interior design is no easy task; there are a number of factors to be considered to ensure your business is well designed to promote a positive customer experience. However, with the right know-how and a malleable attitude, you can start to take those first steps towards creating the perfect business space.

Below are our top five tips for someone starting a commercial interior design project.

Don’t spend too much when there’s a cheaper alternative

One trap that many first-timers fall into is overspending on luxury items when cheaper alternatives that can achieve the same utility are available. Why spend $5,000 on that luxury sofa for your reception area when a $500 sofa would serve the purpose? On the other hand, it’s important to not jeopardise the quality of your space for ultra-cheap fixtures and chattels. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between affordability and utility. It’s not an easy task – but with practice and experience you will soon be able to find that balance relatively easily.

Fitout companies also have industry partnerships with furniture providers, which means you can often get more bang for your buck if you’re fitting out a whole space.

Recycle and upcycle

If you aren’t starting from scratch, you can really utilise the furniture and equipment you already have to help the affordability of your design. Upcycling old chairs and desks can dramatically decrease the cost of your interior design, and also give you a base theme around which you can build that perfect interior. As a practical starting point, check out whether you’re able to upholster your old chairs and couches for a new look at a much cheaper cost (which has the added benefit of being completely unique!).

Be ready for things to not work

Practising interior design comes with the territory of trial and error. Every space is unique, and as a result, things that work in a shop or in your mind may not come together when placed in your space. Interior design is best achieved with practice over time, and you have to be prepared to be faced with this kind of adversity during your project.

A fitout specialist with an interior design team can help you out here, to ensure what you’re planning will work for the space and look great.

Create a fluid space

Beyond the general aesthetic of the space, it’s important to also design with the flow of the office in mind. It’s about much more than just making the space look pretty, but also considering the movement within the space and how that will affect your day to day operations.

Empty space can be a good thing

One major mistake seen in so many commercial areas is the general idea that empty space is a “bad” thing that must be filled with plants or tables or other decoration. Empty space can really open up your office, as well as improve its flow and general aesthetic. Do not be afraid of space.

Follow these five simple tips and couple it with your own research, and you’ll be well on your way to designing that space that perfectly maximises your employee and customer experience.