Featured Work / Hines Level 15: Suite A

Hines Level 15: Suite A

Dark finishes and a sophisticated colour palette come together in Suite A to create a refined workspace.

Suite A is a moody, masculine space, showcasing dark finishes for a more luxurious look. Dark timber laminates and black storage units are sophisticated elements in the tenancy, offset with light grey hues on the screening and light brick wallpaper which softens the overall look. Emerald green and pinks were also used throughout the suite for a more unique colour palette (especially when compared to the other suites in the tenancy).

This suite is part of the Hines Level 15 project, where four suites were created to showcase different styles of office fitouts.


  • Dark timber laminate
  • Emerald green and pink highlights
  • Geometric patterned carpeting
  • Light brick wallpaper to soften the look


  • Boardrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Open-plan desk space
  • Private offices