Featured Work / 303 Coronation Drive

303 Coronation Drive

The client requested a space that was flexible in design so that it would stand the test of time – this was key to the overall design.

Vinyl patterned mirrors allows the client to replace the style with a new pattern in years to come while being a quick and cost-effective upgrade. Modular ottomans also added a cost-effective and easily upgraded element to the space.

Main elements such as light timber panelling, multi-toned carpet planks and black reflective panels on walls turned what was once a dark and gloomy space into a bright inviting entrance.

The modern theme is carried through to the external car park entrance with the repeated geometric patterns on the decorative screens and white herringbone wall tiles in the amenities.


  • Sophisticated and modern styling
  • Light timber panelling
  • Multi-toned carpet planks
  • Black reflective panels on walls
  • Vinyl patterned mirror
  • Geometric Patterns


  • Upgraded foyer / lift lobby and amenities
  • Small breakout space
  • Green astroturf to uplift the carpark