Cape Bouvard – Tenancy B

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Cape Bouvard – Tenancy B Level 2, 12 Commercial Rd

The display suite for the building owners (Cape Bouvard) had to offer potential tenants a memorable and captivating experience that left them wanting more. Working with the latest trends in interior design and modern materials, we created an inviting space that truly delivered the wow factor. The beautifully appointed furnishings, fixtures, and artwork create a feeling of sophistication.

This project was challenging and rewarding as we had to design two tenancies across the full floor, yet make them feel seamlessly integrated. We achieved this by using a palette of green, black and stone look features throughout the space. The views of lush greenery from outside were highlighted with greens, while a modern kitchen featured booth seating and stone-look features. Heritage bars on the glazing across the meeting rooms created a warm, welcoming atmosphere while featuring black walls with wall lights adding ambience. Coloured and textured acoustic panels behind the collaboration areas added an extra touch of sophistication to the space. All in all, this project was a fantastic example of how to create two integrated tenancies that both feel inviting and stylish.