99 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane

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99 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane

An industrial yet organic office fitout that connects a multi-layered space

In under 6 months, Urban Group transformed 99 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane into a high-end space that feels spacious and organic, with hints of industrialism.

The exposed, industrial ceilings allows natural light to filter through to office and add to the openness of the space. Raw materials were used throughout the fitout including light timber grain weaved with plants and concrete floors.

The client required an office fit-out with an open layout that encouraged collaboration and productivity within the workplace. The space was therefore strategically designed to balance multiple needs, through the use of designated work zones, welcoming common areas, quiet spaces and casual meeting lounges.

To ensure employees felt a sense of privacy, curtains and high back winged lounges were used to minimise disruption and foster privacy (without compromising on the open plan layout). These lounge materials & plants subtly introduce colour to keep the office fitout lively.

The entire space has an organic feel through the use of curved joinery and seating that provides a natural flow, connecting each area together.

A beautifully designs space that caters to various needs and encourages productivity and collaboration.


99 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane