Odyssey Gaming, 389 MacArthur Ave, Hamilton

Featured Work / Odyssey Gaming, 389 MacArthur Ave, Hamilton

Odyssey Gaming, 389 MacArthur Ave, Hamilton

When Odyssey Gaming decided it was time to bring their Brisbane office and gaming machine repair centre under one roof, they turned to Urban Fitouts for a solution. The goal? To create a space that was as efficient as it was inviting, right in the heart of Hamilton at GF, 389 MacArthur Ave.

The challenge was unique: merge an office and tech repair area seamlessly within a building still under construction. But, with a blend of creativity and collaboration with both the landlord and tenant, Urban Fitouts was up to the task.

The end result? An office space that breaks the mold. Think open-plan layouts brightened by natural light, dotted with greenery for a touch of nature indoors, and an innovative view into the tech area, so everyone can see the magic happen with the gaming machines. The design didn’t stop there; the boardroom got a stylish makeover with black ceilings and walls, while the entry welcomed everyone with a chic concrete look.

Working within an active construction site added an extra layer of excitement to the project, showcasing Urban Fitouts’ ability to navigate and adapt to complex situations. The gaming tech area itself was a highlight, offering a peek into a world where tech meets creativity.

Our crew brought Odyssey Gaming’s dream to life, crafting more than just a workplace—it’s a spot where everyone flourishes. It’s proof that when it comes to fresh, fun office designs, we’re always ready to play!