Ways to get prepared for your tenancy inspection

Considering a new space for your team is an exciting time. Whether it’s due to company growth, a a need for a more convenient location or a newer and fresher space, leasing a new office will make a huge impact on your employees and clients. Before you commit to a space (even if it’s love at first sight!) consider the important steps to take.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Note your necessities

Consult your team or the main stakeholders in your company, depending on its size, to note the non-negotiable and flexible needs of the new space you’re leasing. Make sure to consider internal and external needs. Some common things you may need to think about include:

  • Car parking
  • Elevator access
  • Ramp access
  • Shared or private bathrooms
  • Service elevator
  • Balcony or outdoor seating area

Remain transparent

It’s important to keep both your Legal Representative and Accountant in loop of your plan before committing to and signing a lease. This will avoid any unrealistic make-good obligations that could cause a dent in your financial budget and also read any of the fine print that you may miss. On top of that, you’ll better understand your tenant fitout costs, expected make-good cost at the end of your lease and owner’s contribution.

Plan your space

Work with your office fitout specialist to accurately plan your space. With their guidance, you’ll create a space that’s comfortable for your staff and any potential new hires if you experience growth over the term of your lease. They’ll also help consider room for spaces that can be commonly overlooked like your technology servers, the number of bathrooms required, kitchen space and room for transport, including cars and bikes. By planning exactly what you need, you’ll avoid late budget inclusions and keep your space aligned to your goal.

Take a look around

Ask if you’re able to inspect other tenancies in the building or nearby to see how they use their space. By using them as inspiration, you’ll be able to see how much they can fit into a similar sized office space.

Document any issues

Take a camera with you during your inspections so you’re able to document any repair or maintenance issues you notice. Doing this will allow you to refer to any potential problems in the future.

Avoid assumptions

Always make sure to ask questions about the rights for an office fitout and end of lease make-good responsibilities. Referring to the the plan created with your office fitout specialist, ask the landlord about everything you’re considering for the space to ensure you’re both on the same page. Your inspections are also a great chance to bring your fitout specialist along – they’ll be able to ask questions you might miss.

Moving into a new space is always an exciting time and it’s important to keep your plan in check as you inspect potential spaces for your company.