5 steps to a successful office fitout: plan your space

In this series, we’ll discuss the important steps in achieving a successful office fitout. In the last post, we discussed the importance of setting clear budget expectations. Once your budget is agreed upon, it’s time to start getting into the details. The next stage in achieving your office fitout is planning your space.

Keep the following list in mind when planning out your space to achieve your needs:

Clean streak

Starting with an empty floor plan is the best way to begin. This will allow you to work out where different teams in your office will sit and how necessities (like printers and shelves) will be placed.  

IT access

Are there appropriate connections for all your internet, wireless, phone systems and power in the space? And do they run through all possible meeting rooms and communal areas?

Wear and tear

Allow more space or allowance for areas with high traffic, as these will often be the first that see need for repair. These areas are often kitchens, receptions or walkways to bathrooms and the entrance and exits. Consider how many people may be in these areas at one time and determine the space accordingly.

Meet your measures

There are standard and often minimum measurements for corridor widths, meeting rooms and importantly, desk space, especially for open plan areas. Try quantifying the space per person to work out the main office space.

Make sure to make good

If you’re leasing your space, you might be required to ‘make-good’ and restore a property to the exact way you leased it out – which may mean some of your fittings will be ripped out. Try to plan for fittings that can be relocated for future office plans.

Don’t forget to chat to your fitout specialist to make any big decisions necessary for your space planning. They’ll also help lead you in the right direction with legal compliances.

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