How much time have you put in when choosing the right flooring for your fitout? It’s stunning that your floor choice can have such an impact on your general office vibe and aesthetic.

Before you get started, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Your floor type

Certain types of businesses will require different types of flooring. Medical or dentistry practices will require floors that are easily cleaned and stain-resistant, whereas call centres or recording studios, (where sound and reducing echoes are critical to perfection) will require timber or wooden floors for their sound reflection qualities.

Think about how your floor is used on a daily basis and choose materials based on those needs.

Easy maintenance

Consult your fitout specialist to understand the upkeep of your floor choice. High foot traffic areas will probably need ongoing and regular cleaning, compared to meeting rooms or consultation rooms. Choosing the right colour can also be a hard choice; for example, which flooring do you choose for a reception area that often sees large numbers of people walk through, but can only be cleaned at the end of the day? Opting for a dark grey or wood can help combat the immediate signs of dust or foot prints.

The long term durability of your floor should also be a critical factor in making your choice. Weigh up your options with your fitout specialist, as short and long term maintenance costs will help you understand the future of your flooring.

Your brand signified

If your office is public or client facing, it might be worth choosing a floor that meets the brand or feel of your company. A modern minimalist feel should look different to a corporate premium brand. Consider different options and think about how they would make an external visitor feel.

The right price

Choosing your preferred style and materials will help you when it comes to choosing the exact flooring you want, but will that exact style fit your budget? Chat to your fitout specialist to get a style that’s closest to your prefered, while fitting in nicely with your budget. They’ll help you with your decision making, without compromising on long term durability and quality.

The floors you choose can elevate an office fitout and bring life into your workspace. Do your research, speak to an experienced fitout specialist and really explore your new (or existing) space to see which flooring style meets the mark!