Stylish Comfort with Versatile Base


Introducing the VERO STOOL, where comfort meets sophistication. This stool is meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled relaxation in any setting.

Supreme Cushioning: Sink into luxury with the high-density foam padding of the VERO STOOL. Every sit promises exceptional comfort, making it an ideal choice for long conversations or casual moments of relaxation.

Elegant Fabric Choices: Upholstered in carefully selected fabric, the VERO STOOL offers a range of refined shades, including grey, charcoal, and navy. This selection allows you to seamlessly match the stool to your existing decor, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Sturdy Foundation: The VERO STOOL stands on a sturdy base with a black/timber finish, providing both stability and a modern touch. The plywood inner structure ensures durability, making it a reliable seating option for years to come.

Perfectly Sized: With a comfortable seating height of 680mm, the VERO STOOL is precisely designed to fit effortlessly into any setting. Its dimensions, thoughtfully measured at 660mm width and 850mm depth, make it a versatile choice for various spaces.

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and elegance with the VERO STOOL, a stylish addition to your home or office environment.”

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