Tailored Workspace Privacy and Style


Customized Acoustic Elegance:
TRAK SCREEN offers bespoke solutions for your workspace. Crafted with precision, these screens feature 12mm thick frameless panels available in plain, patterned acoustic, or upholstered designs in your choice of commercial fabric. Experience tailored acoustic solutions designed to enhance your work environment.

Effortless Mounting:
TRAK SCREEN is seamlessly mounted on 2x black or white powder-coated clamps that rest securely on Trak Rails. The innovative mounting system ensures easy installation and provides a stable foundation for the screens. Enjoy hassle-free setup and a clutter-free workspace.

Versatile Design Options:
Choose from a variety of designs, including plain or patterned acoustic panels, or opt for upholstery in your preferred commercial fabric. TRAK SCREEN allows you to personalize your workspace, creating a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. Elevate your office with versatile design choices.

Tailored to Perfection:
TRAK SCREEN is meticulously designed to fit your unique workspace requirements. With precise dimensions and customizable options, these screens seamlessly integrate into any setting. Enhance productivity and style with TRAK SCREEN, where customization meets sophistication.

From showroom to install

Unlike competitors, we operate with an in house team to manage your fitout product installations. Stay up to date with these products in our latest fitouts and newly designed spaces.