Elevated Elegance for Every Occasion


Tailored Excellence:
Meet the QUAD HIGH TABLE, a testament to customized perfection. Crafted with precision, its 25mm thick melamine top boasts a 2mm ABS edge, available in a diverse range of sizes, shapes, and commercial finishes. This bespoke approach ensures that your QUAD HIGH TABLE fits seamlessly into your space, reflecting your unique style.

Sleek Bar Elegance:
The QUAD HIGH TABLE stands tall with its Quad high bar base, featuring 1050mm aluminium legs elegantly coated in black or white powdercoat. This sleek design not only adds a touch of contemporary charm but also guarantees stability, creating a sophisticated ambiance for your guests.

Versatile Sophistication:
Whether gracing a bustling bar, trendy cafe, or upscale event, the QUAD HIGH TABLE elevates every occasion. Its versatile design and customized dimensions make it an ideal choice for various settings, ensuring your guests experience unmatched comfort and style.

Exceptional Craftsmanship:
Designed with exceptional craftsmanship, the QUAD HIGH TABLE offers not only a sturdy foundation but also an aesthetic appeal that captivates. Its durable construction and carefully selected materials make it a timeless addition to your decor, promising enduring elegance.

Elevate Your Space:
Choose the QUAD HIGH TABLE to elevate your space. With its tailored dimensions, refined finishes, and contemporary design, it transforms any environment into a haven of sophistication. Immerse your guests in the essence of

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