Natural Beauty, Modern Simplicity


Elegant Design:
Introducing the NEST COFFEE TABLE, a masterpiece of simplicity and natural beauty. Crafted with precision, this table features a solid ash timber legs and a veneer top available in three stunning finishes: natural ash for a light, airy ambiance, walnut stain for a warm, classic feel, or black stain for a contemporary touch. The carefully chosen materials and finishes enhance the table’s visual appeal, making it a focal point in any room.

Versatile Sizing:
Available in two sizes, the NEST COFFEE TABLE caters to diverse spatial needs. The Side Table, measuring 440mm in diameter and 450mm in height, is a versatile addition, perfect for smaller spaces or as an accent piece. The larger Coffee Table, with dimensions of 720mm in diameter and 365mm in height, offers ample surface area for your living room essentials, striking the perfect balance between form and function.

Natural Ash Aesthetic:
The natural ash veneer top highlights the inherent beauty of wood, showcasing its intricate grain patterns and organic textures. The walnut and black stain options add depth and character, creating a visually appealing contrast against the solid ash timber legs. The NEST COFFEE TABLE effortlessly integrates the warmth of wood into your living space, bringing nature indoors.

Sturdy and Stylish:
The NEST COFFEE TABLE stands on solid ash timber legs that provide both stability and a touch of natural elegance. The juxtaposition of the wooden legs against the veneer top enhances the table’s aesthetic appeal. This combination of sturdy construction and refined design ensures that the NEST COFFEE TABLE is not just a functional furniture piece but also a statement of style.

Perfect Harmony:
The NEST COFFEE TABLE is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a harmonious blend of natural aesthetics and modern simplicity. Its timeless design and versatile finishes allow it to seamlessly integrate into various interior styles. Elevate your living space with the NEST COFFEE TABLE, where natural beauty meets contemporary elegance, creating a space that exudes sophistication and comfort.

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