Stylish Comfort in Versatile Sizes


Introducing the Maya Lounge Chair, a harmonious blend of contemporary design and luxurious comfort. Available in 1 or 2-seater options, along with matching ottomans, this lounge chair redefines relaxation.

Supreme Comfort:
Indulge in a world of relaxation with the Maya Lounge Chair. Featuring high-density foam padding, it ensures unparalleled comfort with every sit. Sink into the softness upholstered in our house fabric, available in chic shades of pink, blue, or green. Every moment seated in the Maya Lounge is a moment of pure bliss.

Elegant Color Options:
Personalize your space effortlessly. The Maya Lounge Chair is upholstered in refined shades of pink, blue, or green house fabric. These colors not only add vibrancy to your room but also seamlessly match various décor themes, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Sturdy Modern Base:
The Maya Lounge Chair stands confidently on a black powder-coated steel frame. This sturdy foundation not only provides stability but also adds a touch of modern elegance. The sleek lines and contemporary design make it a focal point in any room.

Perfectly Sized:
Designed with precision, the Maya Lounge Chair effortlessly fits into any setting. Its dimensions, precisely measured at 660W x 850D x 355SH/890H, ensure it integrates seamlessly into your space. Whether it’s your living room, office, or lounge area, the Maya Lounge Chair enhances the aesthetics with its perfect proportions.

The Maya Lounge Chair is more than just a seat; it’s an experience. Elevate your space with this chic and comfortable lounge chair, where every detail is crafted for your relaxation and style. Embrace the perfect blend of form and function with the Maya Lounge Chair today.

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